Bridal Trial

How to get the very best from your bridal trial

Welcome to our world, where you are spoiled with cupcakes and champagne; creativity, passion and love are in the air and the day really is all about you… We look forward to spending a few glamorous hours with you, where we transform the wedding day hair and makeup of your dreams into reality.

This is what we call glamorous bonding time. It is our opportunity to get to know you, and for you to get to know us! We are, after all your extra set of best friends on the best day of your life, so we owe it to ourselves to have some pre-wedding girly fun, don’t we?

Our ultimate goal is to make you look and feel the most beautiful you ever have, so bring along your inspirational images and a loved one and let’s work together to create the look of your dreams. When your choosing hairstyles and makeup looks - let us help you plan

Top Tips For A Great Wedding Trial In Brisbane

It’s the week before your trial and you have been so busy at work, and of course you spend hours looking at your sparkling engagement ring and you suddenly realise…ahhhhgg, I haven’t looked for picture inspiration for my Wedding makeup and hairstyle look!

So here are some quick tips to help you choose a look:

*Choose looks with similar hair colour and hair texture to you.

*Choose looks with with similar hair length, fringe etc as you.

*Choose makeup looks with similar skin tone, eye colour and eye shapes to you.

*Consider the weather on the day of your Wedding, if it’s really hot weather, you may choose an up hair do.

*Do you have to keep your hair long, well not really, you could always choose an amazing hair accessory., flowers, fascinator or hair jewel.

*Bring your hairpieces if you have some or you could hire some from us if needed to create more volume or length in your hair.

Ideas For The Best Wedding Trial In Brisbane

* If in doubt choose what you know suits your face, just because you wear something similar each day, it sometimes is what looks best on you. Just be an enhanced version of you.

*Most Wedding hairstylists can have the volume pumped up by adding in extra length with clip in hairpieces. Most styles you see on Pinterest have hair pieces added and help create the perfect Wedding upstyle or downstyle.

*Prepare your hair the correct way the night before your trial, if you aren’t sure ring and ask us questions. Most artists prefer the hair to be washed the night before and hair to be dried without using straightening irons.

*Be open to changing your mind, you can prepare your ideas, but during the trial process you might find another style works better.

We so can’t wait to meet you and spoil you!

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