Wedding Hairstyles

Create your individual bridal hairstyle look

The Powder Room experience doesn’t stop with stunning bridal makeup. Did you think we would send you down the aisle with anything less than gorgeous hair? We take great pleasure in fussing over every detail, right down to ensuring your veil and headpiece is positioned and pinned perfectly - we don’t miss a thing!

You have chosen your dream dress and now it's time to decide on your perfect wedding hairstyle. At The Powder Room, your bridal hairstyles are both elegant and timeless. Drawing on experience, gained in award-winning salons, catwalk, fashion and photographic, as well as high-end beauty and advertising work. Whether your after wedding hairstyles for long hair or short hair wedding styles our artists can create your individual style beautifully.

Hairstyle inspiration may be boho, modern, beach inspired, half up styles, long hair styles, sleek or vintage hairstyles, The Powder Room stylists can create your perfect wedding look. Bridesmaid hairstyles and mother of the bride hairstyles are something our girls are famous for as well. It’s so important that everyone feels a bit special on your day.

Ideas for your dream wedding hairstyle

Chances are you won’t see a vintage-esque woman with her hair immaculately finger waved on the train on your way to work, but keep your eyes open just in case. Perhaps the pages of Vogue or your favourite bridal magazine are more likely to contain visions of enchanting vintage waves or Hollywood glamour style curls. We love nothing more than to be inspired by your visions, so start scrapbooking and sending us your ideas.

Help!! I don’t think I have enough hair to create my dream look…

Celebrities seem to be forever changing the length and volume of their hair – how do they do it? Do they use magic hair products that promote hair growth overnight? Believe me, we would know if such products existed… But until then, let us open your eyes to the world of hair pieces and hair paddings. Do you need length? volume? Maybe a little (or a lot) of both? ….No problem! Our wedding hair stylists are experts in making sneaky, instant adjustments to the length and body of your hair with hairpieces, extensions and specialised hair moulds. Almost as if they wave their magic wand and voila! We don’t call them hair fairies for nothing!

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