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The Powder Room's Karen Sargaison Styling A Bride's Wedding Hairstyle

A Little About Karen

My love affair with hair and makeup began at a very young age and was inspired by my Grandmother. As a little girl, and a girly one at that, nothing made me happier than to receive the “gift with purchase” my Grandmother especially collected for me. I was exposed to women who really enjoyed being women, an infectious mantra that I can’t help but live by.

Setting our hair with fingerwave clips and pincurls was a nightly ritual when I stayed with my Grandmother. I considered myself extremely lucky to have my own personal stylist, and it didn’t stop with hair! I will never forget the feeling of being pampered, it’s no wonder I have spent a lifetime dedicated to making women feel special and more beautiful.

The idea to create a bridal hair and makeup studio, The Powder Room, was born from a vision while working and operating a high-end beauty and photographic studio in Chelsea, London. I came back to Brisbane with my husband and business partner Paul, and together we began The Powder Room studios. We created the stunning images of The Powder Room’s timeless bridal styles for more than 15 years along with fashion and advertising work.

The realisation that Brisbane was coming-of-age as a fashionable and stylish city sealed the decision to enlist a collective of professional hair and makeup artists. I am so proud of the talent and passion of our team who continue to spread the love and care that The Powder Room is well known for.

Makeup Tips
For Mature Skin Makeup

Makeup has changed so much over the year and not just with techniques but makeup products are so progressive.

I have worked in the hair and makeup industry since I was 17 years of age and have loved and embraced each era, especially being young in the 80’s.

Part of what I enjoy most about creating beautiful hair and makeup for women is also helping women to revamp their makeup regime. It’s so easy to keep buying the same foundation and wearing the same colours that someone told us suited us years ago. When really so much changes as we age, our skin tone, elasticity and texture of skin and hair colour. I still look in the mirror and see a dark haired person when I have been blonde for a long time now. Whether I am looking after a Bride or sharing in a makeup lesson it’s about feeling the best at any age.

10 top makeup tips for Mature skin.

What I have learnt is that women over 40 years of age have so many misconceptions about what they should and shouldn't do.

Less Foundation - Less is more approach is important. Wearing too much foundation or the same matifying brand that you have always worn can accentuate lines. Using a moisturing concealer for some areas and a light foundation is more the approach . You can customise your coverage.  Brightening concealers can show puffiness up more. Stipple or pat on foundation with a sponge or foundation brush

Foundation Primer - By using a primer under foundation you will need less foundation, as it facilitates easier application of foundation.

Moisturise well - When moisturising before primer and foundation, be vigilant about working areas around the eyes where you want the skin needs more love. If you are looking for more circulation stimulation try jade rollers.

Sculpting - A little sculpting contouring can really lift the face. It’s all about using the right products and placing the colour a little higher than you think. For brow enhancement don’t shade too low with the end of the brows and this can make your eyes droopy.

Eye priming - Don’t forget to prime the eyes, this prevents creasing and helps eyeshadow to stick.

Eyeshadow textures - You may think that you have to wear matt eyeshadow only but matt all over makes you look flat and cakey. Metallic may be too much but a little shimmer placed strategically really helps the eyes pop. Just avoid the brow bone area and the inner eye.

Smokey eye - Smokey eyes can also be lots of fun with choosing a brown tone to suit you skin. Many give up on eyeliner thinking it’s too harsh or smudges. Choose a waterproof eyeliner and smudge in using an angle brush over the eyeliner, it softens the look. Using eyeshadow as liner can mean that if your eyes weep that you will have shadow smudges.

The way you wear your brows can make you look younger or older! Fill your brows lightly taking care to accentuate the higher point of brow. With brow colour choice avoid anything darker than your hair colour, most times I choose a shade slightly lighter.

Blusher choice - Cream blushers are amazing for mature skin and help you look more fresh faced.

Eyeliner - Define the lash line- invisible lining- pressing liner between each lash line adds definition , the look of full lashes.

Lips- With Lips lip liner really helps when putting on lipstick, keep the shaping soft lines and not sharp. A little highlighter on the corners helps lift up you smile.

You may like to book one of our one on one makeup lessons, book a lesson below.

The Team

Hello beautiful Brides... so you’d like to know a little about us…where do we start? We love all things pretty and are total makeup junkies (we honestly are!) Oh and as hairdressers we have to be careful that we don’t walk up to random strangers and start touching their hair! Did I mention that we love our job? And not just because we get to wear bling every day or just hang with the girls.

As a team we are all about the “Wow” factor, what wow’s us and what wow’s you. Now, girls love to talk, and we are no different, we can’t wait to find out more about how you met your special man, how he proposed, what your ring looks like and of course all the details about your dress and shoes.

Our friendly wedding hair and bridal make up artists are highly-trained industry professionals selected for their passion and talent. Our Bridal team, regularly train to keep their creativity and new skills up to date and educate other professionals.

We are always inspired by the latest Wedding beauty products, techniques, bridal trends and looks..creating stunning bridal hair and makeup for you and your Bridesmaids and your family and friends.

It is so confusing when trying to work out who to book for your special day.

Booking an artist who is a part of The Powder Room team has many advantages. You can be assured that your artist is supported by an established structure that ensures an easy seamless process, from your first enquiry to your Wedding day.

So what makes a Powder hair and makeup artist so special

  • All of our artists all have full cover Public Liability insurance. Many Wedding venues these days are asking for artists coming onto their premises to show current insurance policies.
  • At Powder Room we not only have a contract with our Brides on booking, but we also have contracts with our artists to ensure artists conduct business with the highest standards.
  • Our hair artists have access to an extensive clip in hairpiece collection to use in hairstyles to create more amazing updos and down styles in huge variety of hair colours.
  • We have so many checks in place to ensure everything runs smoothly during your booking process, from reminder texts for Brides and artists, before your trial and full time hair and makeup co -ordinators in studio to answer all your questions.
  • We like to prepare our artists as much as possible to email you skin care questionnaires prior to your trial so your artist is prepared when meeting you.
  • Our Powder Room promise means that when you book our artists they are committed to ensuring you are 100% happy at your trial and on your Wedding day
  • Powder Stylists all attend training workshops with our premier artists and other industry professionals.
  • Every week we receive calls from Brides frantically searching for hair and makeup to book last minute after being let down by their originally booked artists. Our artists absolutely would never let you down on your Wedding day! Part of us being in the industry for as many years as we have been and looking after our Brides is our number one priority. We have back up artists within our team ready to step in for emergencies.
  • Powder Stylists have state of the art hair and makeup kits stocked with the most up to date high end makeup brands and hair tools.
  • Your personal artist/s spend double the time with you at your trial, as this is the most important time in which we meet you.
A Powder Room bride happy with her newly done make-up and hairstyle
Applying makeup to a beautiful Powder Room Bride
The Powder Room team working on a corporate makeup and hairstyle
Applying makeup to a beautiful Powder Room Bride
The Powder Room team working with the bridesmaid to help the Bride's wedding look
A beautiful Powder Room bride with a modern wedding hairstyle and makeup
The Powder Room team talking happily with their clientele while working on her hair
A Powder Room Stylist taking a picture of their Makeup and Hair Kit
Applying makeup to a Bride with a Blonde Braided Wedding Hair

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