Noosa Wedding...with The Little White Wedding Company

Written by The Powder Room on Friday, 13 January 2012

Erin's Wedding was in September last year at Castaway's Beach at the Sunshine Coast and our talented Prue and Paula look after Erin for her Wedding day hair and make up.

The girls had so much fun spoiling the girls in the most picturesque location overlooking the beach. The house was located on a private property and the girls spent the day with a relaxing stroll along the beach. The Bridesmaids decorated the Wedding night room with a trail of chocolates and flowers to set the mood. Erin was then of to spend their honeymoon in Europe.

The Wedding was coordinated by Victoria at The Little White Wedding Company. Amazing photography was by Feather and Stone.

Erin's look for Makeup was airbrushed to ensure that the makeup last all day and night! All of the girls had Airstocking applied to their décolletage areas for a more flawless skin finish…

The girls all had a super smokey feel with full bar lashes for extra drama!!…The girls were also bronzed to look sunkissed.

Erin's hair really worked well for a beach Wedding, soft low and romantic…it looked effortlessly classic.

The Bridesmaids hairstyles were similar except softly to one side and incorporating a soft braid.

A question we get asked a lot is…

What is Airbrush Foundation?

Airbrush foundation is a water-based, oil-free and long wearing makeup that is applied through an airbrush, using a small air compressor. It is usually used for high definition film.

As it is applied, it feels like a mist hitting your face and dries into a smooth, flawless finish that feels very light on the skin. It is long wearing, non-transferable, and ideal for high heat, humidity, weddings and dancing all night!

It is especially good for people with oilier skin, or blemished skin as it tends to stay put longer.

What is the difference between Airbrush and Traditional Foundation?

With a combination of the techniques used by our makeup artist, long wearing foundations, primers, and setting sprays - the same long wearing effect can be achieved with traditional makeup.

If you prefer a very "dewy" look, traditional makeup may be the way to go. Airbrush foundation is a slightly more matte look.

As with any makeup medium, we can control the coverage from sheer to full coverage with both airbrush or traditional foundations.

Ultimately, it is what you feel most comfortable with and the type of finish you would like.

Always ready to give you the most memorable wedding look