Great Tips For Mature Skin Makeup

Hi, this month's article is on older skin types and being in that demographic. The Powder Room girls decided Karen needs a makeover!

 One of the most common comments we hear when talking with our ageless/mature skin clients is that they are worried about how the makeup will look on their skin and they worry that they will look overdone or older.

As women, we start playing with makeup and our hair, some earlier than others and learn and grow with our look whether we are more natural or are someone who wears more makeup and changes our hairstyles/colours.

 I can totally relate as I am nearing 50 years of age and some of my key issues are weeping eyes, rosacea, and my hair greying.  I look at myself sometimes and get a fright, as I think “ is that me, I used to have dark hair and no wrinkles”. I find if I put on a too dark a smokey eye, it looks great for about 1 hour then it settles into my creases and I look more tired. I find it is about getting the right balance especially if I want something a bit more special for an event. My advise is also to follow who you are and even though traditional rules might say “don’t wear glitter as it makes your lines stand out more”, if it’s who you are and it’s your personality, there are ways to add some glitter so you remain true to who you are.

Below are some do's and dont's as well concerns we hear from clients about their own experiences and problems. Also look for our top choices of best products for mature skin makeup.

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Tips For Great Bridal Hairstyles

Tips For Perfect WeddingHairstyles On Your Wedding Day

Tips for great Bridal hairstyles

*In thinking about the time of year you choose to get married will effect the look of your hair to some respect, so if you have a summer Wedding in Queensland, and have naturally curly hair, it may be best to go with your curl…or plan your Wedding mostly inside to avoid the humid weather.

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Bridesmaid Hairstyles Tips

Brisbane Bridesmaids Hairstyles

Bridesmaids hairstyles, so where do you start?

Your Bridesmaids may be sister’s, friends or Groom’s family…and really they are there to help the Bride and they are someone who you can trust their opinion.

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Pre-Wedding Skincare Tips

Tips For Perfect Bridal Skincare On Your Wedding Day

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Hey everyone, I'd like to share a quick Powder Room tip to help you get your skin into blushing Bride shape.

One of our most frequently asked questions is how do I cover my large pores?  Well the first step is to concentrate on your skin care in the lead up to your Wedding day.

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2017 Weddings For Brisbane Brides To Be!

Now Taking Bookings for 2017 Bridal Hair & Makeup!

Hey Beautiful Bride! Are you engaged? Planning a Wedding for 2017? We are now taking hair & makeup bookings for our beautiful 2017 Brides to Be:) Check out our new blog post on why you should book with us & how you can win our exclusive Bridal Beauty Pack!

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