What Does Love Mean To Us - Feature With Ben Clark Photography

Written by The Powder Room on Wednesday, 27 February 2013

What does Love mean to us…

I got thinking the other day, why do we do what we do…our day to day job is working with one of the most special parts of a woman's life, and we feel so grateful that our Brides choose us to be with them on the most special day....

We quite often think that for everything to run smoothly, we need to be working with other amazing Wedding suppliers who think like we do….

We have decided to chat each month with one of our favourite people and today we have chosen Ben and Lisa Clark, from Ben Clark Photography two very talented Brisbane based Wedding photographers. At the Powder Room we like to make sure that we run our timing to work in with the Photographers, so that when they arrive everything is running smoothly.

We'd love to share with you Ben's thoughts about Weddings and what Brides ask and should be asking, thanks Ben for sharing:)

We love this shot that Ben has captured from the action on a Wedding day of the girls being prepped and watching "Sex in the City"...

Your first memory of falling in love.... 

My first memory of falling in love was with my BMX bike, we were inseparable! Spending every weekend together and going on long trips. We had many good years together before we started to drift apart...

Your favourite bride story...

I'm a sucker for an emotional wedding, I have so many favourite stories it's hard to pick just one, but how about a groom story?

Dan wrote his beautiful bride Jasmine a letter to be opened at each milestone in their lives together, Dan sealed all of his letters to Jasmine and had one of his grooms men deliver  them to her on the morning of the wedding.

Needless to say that the first letter was dated to be opened that day and many tears of happiness were shed ..

and this is a little pic of the beautiful Jasmine:)

A quote you love...

I have two children and one of our favourite sayings is "you get what you get and you don't get upset" - Everything happens for a reason .. 

If you're not happy with where you are in your life then only you can change that.

Top 3 items to do on your Bucket List...

Hmmm That's a toughy .. 

  • Go on a long Cruise with the family would be nice !
  • Take Lisa and the kids to  the USA and drive the West Coast stopping for ice cream along the way !
  • See my kids grow up and marry their true love - sounds a bit lame but that's the truth !

What do you feel is special about what you do?....

What I do is sooooo much more than take pictures at a wedding, as I mentioned above I'm sucker for an emotional wedding and the images that I capture will be looked at by family and friends for generations to come.

I love becoming part of the family for the day, I'm often asked at weddings how long I've been friends with the bride and groom as on the day I feel a part of the wedding, I'm not just a service provider, I'm part of the couples day.

Someone that inspires you... 

I'm inspired by motivated people that show a true love of what they do and aren't afraid to be different and Love Life !

5 questions most frequently asked by brides...

  • What happens if it rains
  • Will there be one or two photographers
  • How long do we need for photos
  • What happens if you're sick 
  • Do you shoot at our reception ?

5 questions brides should ask...

  • Are your albums etc Australian made or are they made overseas .. ?? -
    ANSWER - Yes all of my albums are made locally in Australia
  • Will it be you that shoots my wedding ? - 
    ANSWER - Yes if you book me you get me, not some guy you've never met .
  • What happens if you're sick on my wedding day - 
    ANSWER - It hasn't happened yet but it would have to be pretty bad to keep me away .. In saying that I have an extensive network of Wedding photographers that are close friends, we cover each other if needed ..
  • When will my album be ready ? - 
    ANSWER - Your design will be ready within 3 weeks of your wedding day and your album once approved will be ready in 4-6 weeks !
  • Can I buy you dinner ? - 
    ANSWER - Sure ! If I'm shooting your reception then yes I tend to get hungry too and no one likes to see a hungry photographer ...  :O) 
Always ready to give you the most memorable wedding look