Wedding Day Bliss With Beautiful Wedding Hair!

Written by The Powder Room on Thursday, 28 July 2011

Allison was married on the 26th March this year and we were so excited to receive these beautiful Photo's of the amazing Wedding day hair styles that kayla created for the girls.

Alison's Bun hairstyle is such a statement hairstyle and lasts all day. It is also the type of hairstyle that you can wear your veil either above or below and adding in hair jewels or flowers is so easy. Bun styles can be made messier but still keeping the structure of the look. Braids and waves can also be incorporated into the look as well.

The Bun hairstyle can be created using a hair padding, to help create the shape. If your hair isn't long enough you can also add in a hairpiece…shhhhh don't tell anyone, it's our secret.

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