Tips For Great Bridal Hairstyles

Written by The Powder Room on Monday, 30 May 2016

Tips from The Powder Room For Your Wedding

1. In thinking about the time of year you choose to get married will effect the look of your hair to some respect, so if you have a summer Wedding in Queensland, and have naturally curly hair, it may be best to go with your curl…or plan your Wedding mostly inside to avoid the humid weather.

2. Don’t be afraid to be yourself! Your fiancé fell in love with you, so you may like to ask…”how do I look when I go out, and when do I feel my most amazing?”

3. When choosing Bridal hairstyles think about the key qualities of these looks, eg, do you commonly see the style on people with fine hair or blonde hair…some intricately woven styles stand out more on blondes hair colours. If you are looking at a fingerwave look, you may need to grow out your fringe or it may be better on someone with naturally wavy or curly hair. A great tip is to put your hand over the face of the chosen hairstyle, and see if you still like the look

4. Certain style choices also can have a perfect length, for example the ideal length for a “Dita Von Teese” style is just above the shoulders.

5. If you are changing your outfit in the evening, consider both outfits when choosing your hairstyle.

6. If you need a little extra help to create the perfect look your hair stylist could use hair paddings or hairpieces.

It is a myth that you have to have dirty hair to avoid flyaways…each style is different in the approach. The best advice is the day before your trial shampoo your hair twice and lightly condition…then chat with your hairstylist on the trial day about what is best for you and your style choice.

7. Some Bridal hairstyle choices work better being blowdried first in to shape then hot rollers and creatively tonged.

8. Don’t use dry shampoo if planning not to wash your hair as it can counteract other styling products and heated implements.

9. Consider the weight of any hair jewellery, as it may be too heavy to sit in the position you had planned. If necessary see if you can return the piece if it isn’t right.

10. If you have forgotten to hang up you veil on the day of your Wedding and it’s crushed…a little tip is to hold the veil taut and blowdry the creases out.

11. If you want your Bridesmaids to have a certain look discuss this with them, and work out ways that each bridesmaid can feel still like herself. Maybe if you are choosing a side bun hairstyle, one bridesmaid may prefer hair off her face and another may like her hair to the side, and another may like more height at the crown.

Bridal hairstyles are one of the most individual choices you are likely to make for your wedding day. No two are ever exactly the same.

Choose your Stylists wisely and follow these fantastic tips to a perfect look for your dream day!

Always ready to give you the most memorable wedding look