Love is in the Hair (Extensions)

Written by The Powder Room on Wednesday, 24 February 2016

HAIRPIECES. The ultimate weapon of lush.

Whether a flirty boho side braid, Bardot bump or locks to the likes of Gisele, hairpieces are the faux lashes of the hair that will completely set any bridal look alight.

Just about any look can be created using hairpieces & when you book in with a stylist at The Powder Room, you’ll have the opportunity to try out different hairpieces for different bridal looks. Check out our Instagram to see pics of real brides wearing our styled hairpieces.

From wefts, cubes and tapes, to highlights, lowlights and even ponytails, there are over 14 different and popular methods for attaching hair extensions to wedding hair, ranging from temporary to permanent. You can choose temporary clip in extensions that are hired from The Powder Room or choose to have your own custom blended more permanent extensions.

How do I know what hairpiece is right for me?

The individual elements matter just as much as the overall look, so take these selection tips onboard & never look back.

Clip in hairpieces… are just hired for the day and prices range from $20-$80. They can be the best choice if you just want to add in one piece for some extra thickness, in a braid or to add more volume to a bun shape. They can also be used in combination with hair paddings. At The Powder Room we have a selection of many different types of pieces, from 2 clip fringe pieces, to cube braid pieces and 1/2 head volumisers. Most general colours can be catered for. The disadvantage is that the pieces cannot be cut to be blended in with your hair, although we do have a variety of different lengths, colours and textures.

Permanent hairpieces… are amazing for for creating luscious hair that you can enjoy in the lead up to your Wedding (all those celebrations!) PLUS on your Wedding Day. This choice is better if you are wearing your hair down.

What type of hair extensions are best for DOWN styles?
It’s crucial to get full coverage the whole way around so there are no gaps and so it doesn’t bring down your look. If you are budget conscious, consider keeping the extensions the same length as your own hair so you can instead just add thickness and fill your ends out. Ideally, to wear your hair out while wearing hairpieces, you will need to blend out your front layers and extend the density at the back so you will require 3-4 pieces to look natural. Otherwise, consider a full head of permanent extensions if you are not wanting individual hair pieces.

What type of hair extensions are best for UP styles?
For up styles, the process is a bit more streamline. You can use a series of narrow or wide clip ins and you can use either 1 piece for a little added fullness or many pieces as desired. Alternatively, for permanent extensions, you can choose from many different methods. Just make sure with your stylist that you will be able to achieve your desired look prior to installation. If you are wanting a large, glamorous up do and your hair is very short or very fine, it may be a better idea to go for a clip in ponytail.

What type of hair should you choose?
Most places offer Asian hair extensions as a standard. This is also the cheapest option. If you are wanting to wear them ongoing, it may be a good idea to invest in European or Russian hair depending on your budget, as they last longer and are finer in texture.

What hair colour should I choose?
It is advised to order your clip in extensions or get colour matched 1-2 washes after a fresh colour, as most brides will colour the week before their wedding to ensure it looks fresh. If you are someone who never changes their colour, then colour matching anytime shouldn’t really be an issue.

So if I am thinking about getting permanent hair extensions how much time do I need?
Normally your extensions artist will need to order in your colours, so allow at least 1 month prior to your Bridal trial. This allows any time for tweaking of the length or colour of pieces and will give an accurate style during the trial process.

How do I choose my hair extension provider?
Check through company websites, Facebook & Instagram. Ask your girlfriends for personal recommendations. Make sure that the extensions they advertsie are colour blended properly and that they custom colour match & style them in for you (included in the price). Choose a company that has lots of examples and not just 4-5 reposted. Also make sure the hair extensions and hairpieces they offer are full and lush on the ends, as this indicates quality. If they offer 1 type of hair extension, they will use that type on you, regardless of whether it suits your hair type or not, so look for a specialist that offers a few hair extension methods to ensure the extensions won't be damaging to your hairtype.

Hair tips & below image by Jemma at Princess Avenue Hair Extensions who we love and recommend!

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what is it, this secret to bridal divinity? where is it to be found?

HAIRPIECES. The ultimate weapon of lush.

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