Great Tips For Mature Skin Makeup

Great Tips For Mature Skin Makeup
Written by The Powder Room on Tuesday, 01 August 2017

Hi, this month's article is on older skin types and being in that demographic. The Powder Room girls decided Karen needs a makeover

One of the most common comments we hear when talking with our ageless/mature skin clients is that they are worried about how the makeup will look on their skin and they worry that they will look overdone or older.

As women, we start playing with makeup and our hair, some earlier than others and learn and grow with our look whether we are more natural or are someone who wears more makeup and changes our hairstyles/colours.

I can totally relate as I am nearing 50 years of age and some of my key issues are weeping eyes, rosacea, and my hair greying. I look at myself sometimes and get a fright, as I think “ is that me, I used to have dark hair and no wrinkles”. I find if I put on a too dark a smokey eye, it looks great for about 1 hour then it settles into my creases and I look more tired. I find it is about getting the right balance especially if I want something a bit more special for an event. My advise is also to follow who you are and even though traditional rules might say “don’t wear glitter as it makes your lines stand out more”, if it’s who you are and it’s your personality, there are ways to add some glitter so you remain true to who you are.

Below are some do's and dont's as well concerns we hear from clients about their own experiences and problems. Also look for our top choices of best products for mature skin makeup.

Mature Age Makeup Tips

Mature skin makeup tips..make sure you do!

Add on a few false lashes on the corner of the eyes, they make your eyes look bigger and lift the edges of your eyes.

Wear some eyeliner of the top lid and it adds the illusion of thicker eyelashes.

A light contour can really work. It’s also a great way to add a little more colour to a fair skinned beauty with freckles. Mac’s Mineralise powder works well lightly dusted strategically can add amazing dimension to the face.

Mature skin foundation...Choosing a foundation can be challenging as mature skin looks different with foundation as the day goes on. It can look fine when first applied then may appear to not hold or look drying on the skin. Make sure you hydrate with a mist during the day.

At Powder Room we use a big variety of amazing quality products and can cater to many different skin types and ages. You may like to spoil yourself for a special event and come into our New Farm Makeup studio.

Some mature skin don’ts!

Not planning your skincare regime - If you have a special event coming up your skin is like you it reacts to stress, environment and hormones. Vitamin C based products will strengthen you skin, Vitamin B will help with stress recovery. Don’t forget about exfoliating, maybe even treat yourself to a microdermabrasion or a dermal rolling program (to rejuvenate the collagen and plump up your skin) well before the event. Don’t forget about increasing your water intake to hydrate and plump your skin.

Wearing black eyeliner- this doesn’t mean you can’t wear black, it just depends on your colouring and how it is applied and how much, we suggest smudging a small amount in the corner of your eye

Mature makeup tips are very much about concealer. Wearing too much concealer and the wrong type - choose illuminating and light reflecting concealers that are more moisturising. Heavy makeup can make you look older. As long as it is hydrated fresh skin looks more youthful.

Not adding in some colour or freshness to you face. We are all different what suits us, try a brighter or deeper lip or some colour in you blush, why not try a cream blusher. .Use a lip primer for to help bleeding lipsticks, a great mature skin tip.

Colouring your hair too dark or all one colour. Consider your haircut and have a consultation with a hair colour specialist about different options. You might also like to book a styling ideas consultation with your hairdresser about what else you can do to change your look. You can alway book in with Karen at Powder Room hair salon for a cut/colour overhaul.

Wearing shimmery or glittery shadows. Who says you can’t wear some shimmer!! Light-reflecting formulas actually accentuate fine lines and creases around the eye Instead, apply a matte shadow to your entire lid and apply just a touch to the inner corners.

As we age our brows change. Colouring your brows too dark or too strong a shape is a common mistake for mature skin. Colour brows slightly lighter than what you are naturally. At times using a palette that has a few different shades. Choose a shade or two lighter if your hair is darker and if your hair is grey or silver. Going to a brow specialists and giving yourself some time to re-create your brow shape could really enhance your face, after all your brows are the border of your face.

Not looking into skin care and the right primer for you. This doesn’t mean you have to have regular facials (even though they are nice to have done) but prepping your skin the the right way really helps. Chat to your beauty therapist for advice.

Here are some common concerns we hear when women are looking for an makeup artist that is confident in mature skin makeup application.

  • Seeing that your artist is young and worrying about if they understand key concerns of an mature makeup looks.
  • Artist applying too much makeup
  • Skin concerns, eg Rosacea
  • Makeup application not staying due to weeping eyes or skin texture issues
  • Looking like a plain Jane, even though you may want to look natural you also want something more defined.

Some of my favourite products for mature skin makeup application:

Mature Age Makeup Tips

List of the products below and why we love them!

Becca Shimmering skin perfector - great for tops of cheekbones and on the brow bone

Mac Mineralise skin finish Natural- gives subtle luminosity to the skin so it looks even and toned.

Two Faced Shadow Insurance - an eyeshadow primer that feels weightless and has slight shimmering particles to enhance shadow and keep it looking fresh

Estee lauder Perfectionist - dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines

Mac- Burgundy times 9 eyeshadow palette - great tones for almost anyone, yes there is some shimmery shades, but a little shimmer over other more matte shades helps to add a bit of excitement.

Aesop Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol- An uplifting facial mist that hydrates your skin during the day and uplifts the senses and keeps your skin looking hydrated.

Two Faced Hangover - A cream primer with probiotics and coconut water to super hydrate your skin.

That's all for this edition girls! Keep these a secret between us glamourpusses :)

Would love to hear any comments you'd like to share.

Karen xx

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