Bridesmaid Hairstyles Tips

Written by The Powder Room on Sunday, 29 May 2016

Bridesmaids hairstyles, so where do you start?

Your Bridesmaids may be sister’s, friends or Groom’s family…and really they are there to help the Bride and they are someone who you can trust their opinion.

What can be challenging when choosing Bridesmaid hairstyles is that firstly you chose the girls as they are special to you and not for the length of their hair and suitable to a style.

For the laidback Bride, she can be the type that just goes with the flow and let the Bridesmaids have what they want and whatever the Bridesmaids feel suits them.

Generally though if you have put so much time and planning into the Wedding you will have some idea about what you would like and a vision.

There are many different hairstyle choices for bridesmaids….straight, curly, vintage, Gatsby inspired, how do you work out what styles your bridesmaids should have?

One commonly asked question about bridesmaid hairstyles is…”should they all have the same hairstyle?

You want your Bridesmaids to enjoy themselves on the Wedding day as taking into consideration their likes and what they feel comfortable with is essential…you may have bridesmaids of different ages and styles. You can still have The styles don’t need to be identical, you have bring it all together with a hair accessory, or a braid, or creating height in the same area of the style.

When choosing your Bridesmaid hairstyles also take into consideration your dress style. If the dress is more intricate in design then you may like to choose styles that are simpler, for example a soft bun.

Looking at the location of the Wedding and general theme is also important. If you are getting married on the beach and having an intimate casual reception, then soft loose beach waves with a simple roped braid may work well. Look at the weather prediction for that time of year. If is a time of year with high rainfall or high humidity, and you have a bridesmaid with naturally curly hair, try to work with the natural curl, whilst smoothing out the hair may work initially, it won’t last long.

You also want the Bride to stand out the most on the day. If you plan the looks and put thought into the bridesmaid hairstyles prior to the day, then there is no surprises. One of the best ways to talk to your bridesmaids prior to the day is set up a Pinterest board that is for you and your maids, to share ideas.

Remember to look for pictures of hairstyles that have similar hair colours, densities and textures.

If you have chosen Vintage statement headpieces then you may like to choose a more relaxed hairstyle.

If you have a definite theme in mind…for example “Great Gatsby”, or “Breakfast at Tiffanies”…then you will have to put some time into looking for looks in that theme and looks that will suit your bridesmaids. Talk to your hairstylist in advance, you may like to email them looks, and if you then needed any hairpieces or hair paddings your artist can be prepared.

Always ready to give you the most memorable wedding look