Bride's Night Before

Written by The Powder Room on Monday, 11 April 2016

Beauty Tips & Ideas for the Night Before Your Wedding

Ok, so you’re tanned up, venue’s booked, everyone will be there. Tomorrow.

The night before your Wedding may leave you wondering what left there is to actually do, or it may be a mad rush. Being a Powder Bride, we’re assuming it’s the former. In which case, what do you actually do the night before your Wedding?

All your planning & thinking & dreaming of the past few months & quite possibly YEAR has all come down to this moment ~ everything by now should be in place.. venues, flowers, dresses, loved ones, food, dancing. All that’s left is really to focus on you. Perfect!

The night before… should really be a few things in addition to fun. Relaxed, excited.. nervous?

If you’re not out partying it up (which is definitely AN option), the beauty-minded girl in us is saying skip the champagne (only until tomorrow, of course!), take a bath.

Yes, there are a few {relaxing} beauty things you still can & should do on this night to get your glow on.

Gorgeous Brides, these are our top tips & ideas for The Night Before…

Beauty focus: SKIN

  • Drink lots of water.
  • Cleanse face & remove absolutely ALL traces of makeup.
  • Gentle face & body exfoliation (depending on skin type, time since last exfoliation & if you’ve had a spray tan…in which case do NOT exfoliate!). Tip: Don’t forget to include lips - you may wish to use a lip-specific exfoliator (like LUSH Popcorn Lip Scrub) which is gentler.
  • Take time out to do a lush face mask, depending on skin type (if exfoliating, ensure you do your mask afterwards when pores are most cleansed and still open). Always do your final rinse in cold water which will close pores & seal in the goodness!
  • After a bath or shower, massage body with a luxurious coconut oil for nourished, glowing skin (be careful, as this can transfer to (especially long) hair and make oily, which could be chaotic if your stylist has told you not to wash your hair the night before!). Try Loving Earth’s Cold Pressed Organic Raw Coconut Oil.
  • If wearing a short dress, gently exfoliate legs so they are clear & glowing the next day (note: do NOT do this if you’ve just had a spray tan!). Just make sure you moisturise straight after.
  • For even more sparkling eyes, place a chilled eye pillow over your peeps & put on some great music for at least 20 mins:)
  • Have a healthy dinner of greens & avoid high sugar, high salt, alcohol & gluten to ensure no puffy eyes, blemished skin or bloating on your Wedding day.
  • Don't touch any blemishes, your makeup artist can help:)
  • Get plenty of beauty sleep.

Beauty focus: HAIR

  • Wash, or do not wash your hair. (By now you will have talked to your Powder Room stylist about the correct preparation for your bridal hair (if not, you may need to call our After Hours Angel*). Do you need to wash your hair tonight or in the morning? If curly hair is being styled, do you need to wash & blowdry your hair smooth? Blonde Brides, did your stylist tell you to wash your hair ON your Wedding day so your blonde hair is most vibrant?)
  • Apply a divine smelling, botanical hair mask (if hair is prone to oiliness, depending on a mask, apply only to mid lengths & ends and avoid scalp). Leave in for 10-20 minutes. Wrapping in a hair towel for the duration will boost absorption. Just make sure you double-wash with shampoo afterwards to get it all out! Tip: A botanical mask is a completely gorgeous form of aromatherapy! We adore Hello Hair’s Island Escape Edition!
  • If washing hair, do a double-cleanse with shampoo. Take your time & massage it all in:) Just like skin, hair needs to be rid of all product build up & oils, not just for hair health but so Wedding day styling starts on a flawless canvas & lasts.
  • Remember do not apply any heat tools/irons to your unstyled wedding hair, as this can prevent styles and curls from holding on your Wedding day…#wedontwant.
  • Sleep on a silk pillow for smooth tresses (especially if hair has been blow dried) - we heart Slip! Tip: Silk pillowcases are a great way to avoid extra wrinkles if you are a face sleeper. Should you apply a conditioning treatment or toner? A conditioning treatment works best on thick (not fine) hair, whilst a toner is best for blondes

Glam things / Mind Body Spirit

  • Meditate & get some me-time ~ this comes in many forms & is grounding. Do something you love.. for you. It will help balance you & keep things in perspective.
  • Pack for your honeymoon!
  • Make a glam playlist for tomorrow’s hair & makeup sesh.
  • Light those candles, burn some essential oils & put on some really GOOD music! (Why not float some flowers too?)
  • Have a sensual, rose infused bath ~ we’re loving REN’s luxurious (& calming!) Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil, a few drops is all you need for pre-wedding bliss!
  • Why not prepare some antioxidant rich berries as nibbles paired with a chilled, detoxing green tea?
  • Not alone? Coax a friend or sister in to giving you a foot or head massage!
  • Write your man a sweet or flirty note & have a bridesmaid or groomsman pass it to him on the morning of your Wedding:)
  • Relax & dream. You’re getting married & probably heading off on a dreamy honeymoon with your Love soon after. These days are for loving & dreaming
  • Girls in town? It’s your last night single. Get them over for an evening of girly glam, chats & divine mocktails (green shots anyone?) :)

Final Checklist...

  • Wedding dress, heels & lingerie safe, able to be located.
  • Face & hair clean & free of all makeup & hair product.
  • Powder Room Survival Kit on hand (keep this within reach on your Wedding day!)
  • Honeymoon bag packed.
  • Alarm on!
  • List of emergency suppliers in reach.
  • Deep, yogic breaths for calm :)

Remember to have FUN & let yourself feel excited, nervous, all loved up!!!

  • Our After Hours Angel service means you can relax knowing you can call us at any time the day or night before your Wedding with any questions, queries or concerns.

The Powder Room Xx

Always ready to give you the most memorable wedding look