Bridal Beauty Bites

Written by The Powder Room on Monday, 18 April 2016

Glam & Nutritious Bridal Food for your Wedding Morning

When the Big Day comes, pure excitement can take over. Everything!
It can make you feel nervous, giddy & ultimately, forget to do the most important thing before you walk down the aisle…


Enter #bridalbeautybites. Healthy lil bitesized pieces of glam (& yum) that will keep you standing in those heels, glowing to the max & filled with positive energy all day & night.

At the essence of the Bridal Beauty Bite is simplicity. It’s all in the prep ~ nothing complicated has its place here #perfect

The goal of the Bridal Beauty Bite is to be blissfully filled with nutritional, slow-releasing pops of energy. Have breakfast before your h&m sesh and eat Bridal Beauty Bites whenever you like throughout the morning - up until the time you leave - to avoid feeling faint, hungry or weak & obviously to get you through that big arvo when you won’t get a chance to eat.

#GetToIt …prepare some small, glam nibbles the night before, or even better, assign a bridesmaid the duty of making a lush tray of all things luxe!

Check out our top tips for the most glam, simple & scrumptious Bridal Beauty Bites…

  • Sushi bites - the ultimate healthy, filling bite, least likely to ruin your dress. Aim for salad/vegetable only as the ideal, as typical raw fish or seasoned meats can not only smell, but go off if sitting at room temperature for too long #yesthatsright. Tip: think asparagus, cucumber, carrot or avocado. Go brown rice which is not starchy like white.
  • Fruit Water - staying hydrated is pivotal on your Wedding day. No Bride wants to faint or feel sick on such an special day! Making fruit water is not only simple, but nutritious & doubles as hydration (from consuming water) AND sustenance (yes, you can eat that gorgeous floaty fruit). Tip: Ideally use organic fruit, otherwise ensure you wash any fruit containing skin (especially berries) with a fruit wash beforehand, so that you’re not drinking any chemicals or sprays that may have been on the fruit skin.
  • Rice Paper Beauty Rolls - simple rice paper rolls filled with a melange of fruit & veggies that look as good as they taste!
  • Chocolate dipped berries (#treats) - raspberries or strawberries are the #perfectmatch with chocolate & will be a lil boost of energy & sweetness just when you need it most!
  • Hydrating heart-shaped fruit bites - watermelon & cucumber are watery and therefore super hydrating! Just made sure they’re not so wet they’re dripping all over your dress. Why not add in some banana for a bit more sustenance and strawberries for sweet? Tip: Thread on a skewer for a super easy, no mess sensation.
  • Frozen coconut yoghurt bites - use an ice tray to freeze your yoghurt of choice (the coconut is dreamy!) into a small, edible nibble overnight. Tip: Insert a berry or nut into the centre for added bliss!
  • Baby Pancake Pops - pancake on a stick? #umYES. Even thread fruit on to max out the bite & keep your hands clean. Just make sure to use gluten free alternatives like buckwheat flour or almond meal to avoid the potential of bloat.
  • Already got your lippy on? Make sure your Powder Room Survival Kit is on hand - use our straw provided for any drinks to avoid lippy smudges!
  • Feeling nervous? Calm your nerves with some peppermint tea - it may be a typical choice, but for a good reason! Peppermint relaxes the body & mind and reduces feelings of nausea. It also helps freshen your breath & its anti-inflammatory properties can reduce blood pressure and stress, while soothing the stomach. Tip: Don’t forget ginger is also very effective in aiding nausea - you can buy tit from the supermarket or health food shop is ready to go bite size pieces.
  • Bombshell Beauty Bowl: not strictly a bite, but a really GORGEOUS Wedding day breakfast idea! If you have the time, making one of these on the morning of your Wedding can be incredibly relaxing and luxurious! Slice some fruit, sprinkle some flowers, some pomegranate seeds on an antioxidant-rich berry base (this could be pink pitaya, acai or berry bircher muesli) with a spoon of yoghurt or handful of toasted nuts on top. Variations allowed! #bombshellbeauty.

A few don’ts…

  • DO NOT eat anything strong smelling or potent - onions, garlic or tuna especially. You’ll be kissing the Love of your life, greeting guests, talking, laughing… a lot of things with your mouth. Next to keeping your lipstick in top form, make sure you follow this tip! #keepitsweet.
  • Crucial Tip: Consume nothing (#NOTHING) that will cause you to bloat i.e. not fit in your dress or that may pair with nerves to incite sickness. So ideally no gluten, no beans & nothing starchy. Of course, you’ll need the good stuff that will fill you up and keep you satisfied not constantly hungry, so you may like to make exceptions for things such as brown rice, oats and nuts.
  • Try to do any pre-aisle eating before your Wedding dress is actually on. If you MUST, make sure it’s nothing watery, saucy or liquidy - or bright in colour - which may end up on your dress. It’s amazing how easily this can happen & Brides, it just CAN’T! #cannot #wont.
  • Don’t over eat - yes you need something, but don’t submit to nerves and overeat or you may feel sick, full and #whoknowswhat.

There are so many ways you can create a Bridal Beauty Bite & they should ultimately be healthy, filling & fun!

If you have time, create different types of nibbles so you’re not missing out on a boost of sweet, savoury, filling or light sustenance when you really need it!

For ideas on what to do the Night Before your Wedding, check out our blog post.

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