Booking Your Wedding Hair And Makeup With The Powder Room

Written by The Powder Room on Monday, 24 January 2011

As a future bride, you may be trying to decide on who you would like to book and it's a big choice as to who looks after you and they be able to create your Perfect Wedding day look!  I know that when I'm trying to decide on who to book I like to know if possible a bit more about the business and really "Do they like what they are doing?"  You can really tell from the minute you pick up the phone or see them face to face.

Well I thought I'd start the new year with and into about me, my name is Karen Sargaison and I started the Powder Room about 15 years ago now and some of you may have already read by Bio on our website under the "About karen", but I wanted to share with you why I love our Brides!

Because I LOVE!!!! the thrill of a Wedding day and being apart of the special intimate part of your day…how much better could it get than playing with make up, hair and all things that Bling and seeing everyone so!!!! happy.

WHY and how can I still do this after 22 years, the answer is simple because  the thrill seeing it all come together.. the other day I was at a shopping centre and trying to buy presents for our many Grandchildren, yes Grandchildren, it's hard to believe that I am actually "GrandMa Kaz", and I saw two of our previous brides, from last year.  I tried to hide a little as I was in Sunday mode, ie NO MAKEUP, a sin I know for a makeup artist!! It was so lovely to see that one of them was 18 weeks pregnant.  I feel that we were part of the first step in creating that little baby, so exciting!!!

I wanted to share with you one of the recent Brides Elissa and I did in December, Mimi.  I met Mimi years ago when Jess, Mimi's bridesmaid started working for us in the office.  That was so many years ago now and Jess is also now married and lives in Sydney.  I just love the look on the girls face, so happy and full of excitement.

Mimi posted us a letter the other day and written on the back of the envelope was (old fashioned mail) and I was so excited to open Mimi's letter, she was such a sweetie :) 

Dear Karen, 

I just wanted to thank you and Elissa for the brilliant job you did on the day of my Wedding.  What should have been a crazy start to my day, having only planned the Wedding a month ago. You lovely ladies made me feel relaxed and more importantly made me feel relaxed and feel so special and gorgeous..

Always ready to give you the most memorable wedding look