Beautiful Asian Make Up

Written by The Powder Room on Saturday, 12 March 2011

Powder Room stylists looked after the beautiful Ruby a few weeks ago, when Ruby booked in with FOURZEROZEROFIVE Photography in New Farm for a Get Gorgeous session, which included hair, makeup and a photography session in our intimate new Farm studio...such a nice present for the person your love or even more wonderful for yourself!

We get asked a lot, almost every week the question "are you experienced with Asian Wedding make up", and yes we are!! Powder Stylists look after many different nationalities, check out our "Real Bride" Gallery images on our website.

One of our favourite Half- Asian Celebrities is the gorgeous Kimora, in all her Fabulosity! Mixed race people are so beautiful!!

Kimora always carries around two different eyeliners, the liquid is for above the eye and the pencil is for inside in the eye. Kimora rarely uses the pencil unless she is going out, if you put liquid liner on during the day and then add pencil to the inner rim at night it glams it up!

Lucy Liu is another Asian beauty with the most perfect celebrity make up. For Asian skin always use a concealer and foundation that has yellow tones. Pink and Coral tones work best for Blush. For a natural looking eye, it is best to use brown and neutral colours. Start by using a medium brown shade over the entire lid and then using a shimmery darker brown or mocha in the crease. Apply the eyeliner with a contour brush and widen the eyeliner as you go out to the edges of the eye.

Always ready to give you the most memorable wedding look