Oscars Makeup 2016

Oscars Best Makeup for Brides 2016

If there’s anything that stood out to us most at the 2016 Oscars, it was the makeup+bling combo! 

With makeup looks a glamorous mix of natural with shimmer, (soft) statement brows & flawless, incandescent skin - coupled with the perfect ultra bling on the side!!! - here's a break down of the top looks, what we thought & the most aisle-worthy elements...


We adored Saoirse’s natural brows & luminous skin! Her overall look was soft & fresh, anchored by a sharper, smudgier smokey eye and touch of lid-shimmer that gave her look a boost of sass and sophistication.

Most bridal-worthy elements: skin


A bolder, cooler-coloured & assertive makeup look that challenged many of the nude-lipped, bronzed looks so on trend right now. Keeping it modern with a statement brow & liner-less eye (defined instead by a taupe smokey eye), Rooney easily pulled off this striking, polished look that screams attitude!

Most bridal-worthy elements: brows & lips


Loving Kerry’s glamorous bold liner & perfectly shaped eyes complimented by THAT bling! Utterly stunning & a gorgeous balanced look with polished brows, bronzed cheeks and a classic nude lip.

Most bridal-worthy elements: eyes & bling!


Of course, those brows are speaking right to us! A minimal look with the right features doing the talking, we are definitely taking that lip, those brows & bling to the aisle.

Most bridal-worthy elements: brows & earrings


While Reese always pulls of gorgeous radiant beauty looks, we’re almost feeling a lil competition between the intensity of lips and blush in this look. Definitely aisle-worthy is her all around golden eye shimmer combined with a healthy rosy cheek.

Most bridal-worthy elements: eyes & cheeks


Champagne & glow. A beautiful feminine look & perfectly bridal. All about the eyes & diamonds to go. LOVE the hair!!!!

Most bridal-worthy elements: eyes, lashes & earrings


This whole look could go to the altar! Superb feminine look, striking and radiant. Don’t hold back on the bling though:)

Most bridal-worthy elements: skin & cheeks

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