Vintage Wedding Hairstyles

Vintage Hair-Styles For Brisbane Brides

Some amazing vintage wedding hair looks have come out of the past era’s, the fabulous retro styles really have stayed with us.  Gorgeous looks from previous era’s can be made wearable and utterly chic. A Bride with a glossy vintage style screams Hollywood glamour!

How to keep it modern, is a question you need to ask…you don’t want to look like you still are in the past era.


The Marilyn Munro pincurls

Flirty and flattering, free flowing curls, pre set with hot rollers on dry hair using a thermal texturising spray.  Remove the rollers after they are cool, and mould into place pinning in waves with wave clips.  Comb through with a wide tooth comb to loosen the waves and spritzing with shine spray.


The Bardo-esque Curls

It’s all about touchable waves with a romantic texture is about not overly teasing the hair and preparation of the hair should start with a big bouncy blowdry with a heat moulding product, then tonging the hair with a big conical tong, making sure your pin curl clip the curls up until you are ready to dress the hair.  Turn your head upside down loosen the volume.  To finish comb the style out with a big carbon comb, ensuring that the curl stays full and volumous.  Work in shine spray and spray.


The Rolled back updo!

Totally 40’s influenced, mostly parted down the centre.  Make sure the waves are not pinned in to severely and the texture is touchable and sexy.


The Flapper Faux Bob

Instead of the tightly zigzagged fingerwave bobs of the 30’s it’s great to loosen up the waves.

Soft finger waves are gently pinned up to imitate a bob style. To prep the hair blowdry the hair to smooth the texture, then hot roller and tong the hair following the shape of the head.  Tong all in the same direction.  Gently brush through to connect the soft waves.  Using a wide toothcomb, mould in the soft finger waves. At the nape of the head braid in a small scalp braid, this works to pin in the longer lengths of hair into the bob shape.  Pin in with bobypins, ensuring that you don’t open the pins, but just hook them in working against the direction of the hair.  A hair padding can be used to bulk out the shape.


The Veronica Lake Wave

The continuous wave shape looks the most amazing on blondes, showing of the texture and flow.  This type of style works best on mid length hair.

Blowdry the hair smooth with some volume, set the hair using a thermal spray and setting with a pivot section at the front, so that the waves falls effortlessly. After cooling remove rollers and gently pincurl using a slight twist movement and pin up and secure with a pincurl clip. Remove when ready for styling and brush through finishing with a shine spray.  Potentially use a hair set to help the hair mould into shape.