DESIGNER PROFILE: Pina Fiorenza Bridal Collection

Award-winning Brisbane Wedding Gown Designer

We've been having fun this week shooting some new Collection looks featuring Fiorenza™ bridal gowns! Designer, Pina Fiorenza, has been friends with The Powder Room for 20 years & we know her to be a truly inspirational, genuine & passionate woman who truly understands the modern day bride.

Pina is an award-winning designer of stunning and fashionable bridal gowns & evening wear, based in Auchenflower, Brisbane. With 20 years experience, Pina has crafted a collection of ready to wear & couture bridal gowns that exude contemporary glamour, elegance & luxury.

Her exquisite bridal gowns are intricately constructed using lush fabrics, textures & embellishments and are available in a myriad of styles, from flowing and bohemian to more dramatic fitted looks.

Pina’s attention to detail and unique understanding of the individual bride is embodied in her beautiful gowns & happy brides.

In addition to her love of being creatively inspired by different brides’ wants and needs, Pina’s innate fashion sense & passion for all that looks and feels beautiful have contributed to her ongoing success as a bridal gown designer.

See below our chat with Pina on brides, romance & inspiration…

Your first memory of falling in love…. 
When I noticed Tony looking at my vision in the mirror and I caught his eyes

Your favourite bride story...
I did a wedding for someone with cancer, then I saw her on TV years later, talking about her cancer and how the lady in the bridal store - me - made her laugh when she wanted to wear a tiara and I said “yes you can, we just use some glue”!

A quote you love... 
In order for one to be different, one must act differently

Top 3 items on your Bucket List...
Back to Sicily for a year, see how my grandchildren have grown into good people & one more trip to New York

What do you feel is special about what you do?...
I feel every word I say to my Brides comes from my heart, with the best intention I could ever have

Someone that inspires you...
The man that inspires me is the late Spanish designer Balenciaga, he was so true to himself that he would not do just anything

One question brides should always ask…
Can you really make a dress fit well?

One piece of advice for the modern bride about anything…
Advice comes in a very individual form, as every bride has such diverse ideas. Social media has helped and also confused a forward direction for fashion and what is best for a bride. So my advice would be to take it all with a pinch of salt and keep your own image in mind. The same person that gets up every morning is the bride & you are more important than any picture

One tip on how to choose the right wedding dress…
I don’t like tips, I prefer to call it a choice to suit each bride. With going back to couture I am more in tune with the individual need

Your favourite thing about your job..
With my job, you really have to love it all, from the beginning to the end product. The beginning has a high about it, meeting new people, while the end has an amazing sense of fulfilment in achieving what the bride wants

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To find your dream wedding gown now, contact Fiorenza™ bridal studio on (07) 3870 3312 or visit the Fiorenza™ website & browse the Bridal Gown Gallery!

Pina’s exclusive bridal studio is located at 25 Kingsford St, Auchenflower QLD.