Oscars Makeup 2016

Oscars Best Makeup for Brides 2016

If there’s anything that stood out to us most at the 2016 Oscars, it was the makeup+bling combo! 

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Bridal Contouring Vs Instagram Contouring

Looking after 500 brides a year for Wedding makeup, one of most common requests we get is Brides asking for noses to be slimmer, cheekbones higher, lips fuller and faces chiselled. Is your daily scroll leaving you Insta-impressed or Insta-depressed?

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Love is in the Hair (Extensions)

HAIRPIECES. The ultimate weapon of lush.

Whether a flirty boho side braid, Bardot bump or locks to the likes of Gisele, hairpieces are the faux lashes of the hair that will completely set any bridal look alight.

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Brides Wedding Hair Mistakes

Wedding hairstyle ideas

In today’s world everyone is rushing to get things done, trying to find the balance between work, and home life is challenging enough without planning a Wedding as well.

A few of us girls at Powder Room central were talking the other day about when calling our Brides to organise their Wedding day hair trial, that brides at times didn’t seem as excited…and we talked about that in the last lead up to the Wedding there is just so much to do!.

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Wedding Hair and Makeup Top Tips

Brisbane Wedding Hair & Makeup

Questions to ask when making that first phone call or email about hair and makeup for your Wedding?

 You may have downloaded our “Insiders tips” from the front of our website, for where to start.  So let us help you with a few more tips that may help you choose your perfect Wedding day professionals.

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