Bridal Beauty Bites

 Glam & Nutritious Bridal Food for your Wedding Morning

When the Big Day comes, pure excitement can take over. Everything!
It can make you feel nervous, giddy & ultimately, forget to do the most important thing before you walk down the aisle…

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Bride's Night Before

 Beauty Tips & Ideas for the Night Before Your Wedding

Ok, so you’re tanned up, venue’s booked, everyone will be there. Tomorrow.

The night before your Wedding may leave you wondering what left there is to actually do, or it may be a mad rush. Being a Powder Bride, we’re assuming it’s the former. In which case, what do you actually do the night before your Wedding?

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Autumn Winter Bridal Beauty

Top Beauty Tips for the Autumn Winter Wedding

Crisp air, purple mountains and the opportunity to layer in lace are just some of the simple, romantic indulgences for the Autumn Bride. 

But what about dry hair, windy days & static air? Is it even possible to have a perfect winter wedding sporting down waves & a vibrant glow?

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The Powder Room Beauty Range

The Powder Room's Exclusive Beauty Product Range 

At The Powder Room, our love doesn’t stop at the salon. We have our own exclusive range of boudoir Beauty Products! 

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Complimentary Cupcake Consultation

Wedding Hair & Makeup Consultation 

The Powder Room is too excited to offer 15 minute complimentary cupcake consultations for our Brides!  You'll get the chance to talk to us about your thoughts & ideas for your wedding hair & makeup ~ one of our favourite parts of our job! ~ in our beautiful Bridal Studio, plus you'll receive a scrumptious cupcake from Vanilla Pod!

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